business and partnership-disputes


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Partnership disputes can arise between individuals who own a partnership and employ people or who have provided services or they can arise between the partners themselves. Whenever a dispute arises between the two partners in a business, usually those partners need an attorney to help resolve the issue or to use the legal system to make sure that their rights are protected.

The most important thing to look at I think is the written documentation. If there are contracts or partnership agreements, it’s always important to look at those first to make sure that you are aware of what the partners have agreed to in writing. It’s also important to look at the course of dealing and the type of business that the partnership is involved in.

The Commercial Litigation Attorneys at Dell Graham see partnership disputes among professionals, such as doctors, dentists and other professionals providing services to people. Our law firm has experience see partnership disputes within the restaurant business, within retail businesses.   When it comes to real estate law disputes between partners and their landlord or their tenant in commercial real estate issues.