Focusing on helping physicians and other health care practitioners


Charles Koval from Dell Graham discusses how the firm is focusing to better assist Physicians and other Health Care Professionals.


My practice now is going to focus on representing physicians and other healthcare practitioners. In my experience, I’ve been sort of on the opposite side of a lot of transactions with them, employing them by the hospital, doing joint ventures, representing the hospital, so I understand very well the breadth of their needs. It’s just harder to represent larger systems that will typically, Shands for example, has their own in-house counsel. They have seven attorneys, so there’s not as much opportunity for someone in the community to represent those types of facilities, but there’s plenty of opportunity to represent physicians, other healthcare providers, or even related healthcare entities.

For example, there is a company up in Alachua that does medical equipment repair. It’s large equipment, CT scanners, MRI machines, things like that. I hope to be able to work with those kind of providers, as well. Again, I understand their business pretty well and also there are certain elements of healthcare regulation that affect them because they provide services to the healthcare system.