Professional Licensing And Career


Professional Licensing And Career

Our team has considerable experience assisting lawyers in disciplinary proceedings under the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. We have worked with respondent lawyers in jurisdictions statewide at the investigative, grievance committee and referee stages of disciplinary proceedings, as well as in the Supreme Court of Florida. Our team also has represented candidates for admission to the Bar before the Florida Board of Bar Examiners.

The Florida Supreme Court’s rules regulating lawyer conduct and discipline are extensive and frequently amended. Understanding a lawyer’s professional responsibilities requires careful analysis and understanding of those rules and the procedures used at each stage of proceedings.

Because disciplinary investigations usually begin with a complaint filed with The Florida Bar, it is important for the respondent lawyer to promptly and comprehensively investigate the facts alleged and then respond fully, accurately and timely. By doing so, many complaints can be resolved without the need for hearing before a grievance committee or an adversary proceeding before a referee.

Our Firm also consults with lawyers regarding their professional responsibilities in non-disciplinary matters that involve the application of the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct and related obligations of the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar, as well as disciplinary, professionalism, civility and decorum rules of federal and local courts.

For example, lawyers may be subpoenaed as witnesses and require independent review of privilege and other issues before testifying. Conflict of interest issues often arise that require careful consideration before representation is undertaken, or after counsel has been retained to determine if continued representation is appropriate. Our firm provides direct consultation and, if necessary, representation of counsel in such matters.

Healthcare Professionals

We consult with and represent healthcare professionals in licensing, disciplinary and related administrative proceedings before the Boards of Medicine and Nursing and in other healthcare professions regulated by the Florida Department of Health.

The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated by state and federal agencies. That regulatory oversight often initiates licensing, disciplinary, certification, hospital privileges or other review. These proceedings are determined by statutory, administrative and institutional laws and rules.

Gainesville has a substantial medical community. We have worked with physicians, nurses, medical administrators and other professionals in the UF Health Shands Hospital system, at the Veterans Administration hospitals in Gainesville and Lake City, at North Florida Regional Hospital, and in other hospitals, clinics, and medical practices in Gainesville and elsewhere in Florida.

Dell Graham’s lawyers will devote the time and effort required to properly consult and represent our professional healthcare clients.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

As with the legal and medical professions, other professionals are subject to regulation and review by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) for licensing and other administrative matters.

See for professions regulated by DBPR.

Dell Graham’s lawyers have assisted certified public accountants, contractors, architects, real estate agents, interior designers, veterinarians and other professionals and businesses in a variety of matters regulated by DBPR. We encourage licensed Florida professionals who have formal or informal state administrative inquiries or concerns to consult with legal counsel experienced in their specific areas of practice, each of which is unique in regulation and enforcement.

We are available to provide guidance and, as appropriate, representation to licensed professionals and businesses subject to DBPR jurisdiction.

Academic Representation

We represent administrators, faculty and students at public and private universities and colleges statewide. The State University System generally, and each of its individual universities and colleges, have and enforce extensive disciplinary, academic and other regulations that can affect administrative and academic position, student status, reputation, and career. Private institutions often have similar rules. Practicing in Gainesville, we have had experience with many of these matters, which generally are considered administrative in nature. Each is unique and requires careful and timely advice and advocacy.