How Dell Graham’s Attorneys Began In Health Law


How Did Dell Graham Get Started With Health Care Law?

Gainesville medical malpractice defense attorney John Jopling discusses how his firm, Dell Graham, began working with medical professionals and getting into health care law.

“I think it has to do with both our history of being involved with the health care field for at least the last fifty of sixty years. Our firm was one of the first to be involved in helping the College of Medicine at the University of Florida when it was founded in the fifties. That work originally was primarily in the area of defense of civil litigation of medical malpractice claims. In addition to that, for example, one of our partners Ellen Gershow, whose husband is a doctor as well, much of Ellen’s practice has been involved in helping to set up retirement plans and other transactional work with physician practice groups. That’s always been sort of the background of the firm in a transactional law kind of way as well as litigation.

I guess the new part that we’re sort of excited about that we think is a natural segue or transition from that, is the developing law on very specific to health care, particularly that’s developed in the last ten years or so that involves, what are called accountable care organizations, regulatory matters involving doctors and hospitals and other health care providers. We are very proud to have one of a very few number of health law board certified attorneys, Chip Koval, who was formerly Interim General Counsel for Shands Hospital and Chip has a great depth of knowledge in this field, that frankly very few people have, and certainly in our part of the state. We feel like that’s a natural progression of our close relationship and extensive representation of folks in the health care field for many, many years.”