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Dell Graham’s health law practice was founded based upon the observation, and concern that providers have increasingly less time to focus on patient-care as a consequence of the ever growing administrative and regulatory requirements that providers have the daunting task of addressing day-in, and day-out.  The primary focus of our healthcare practice is to assist healthcare providers to navigate the complexity of the many regulations that apply to the healthcare industry.

Being responsible for the health and lives of patients is an honor that healthcare professionals are proud and grateful to have. The delicate nature of physician-patient relationships has made it necessary, however, that we have strict laws governing healthcare. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff are constantly under the pressure of these laws, striving to give patients the care they deserve.

Some of the legal issues healthcare professionals face are:

  • Malpractice claims, which can jeopardize their ability to work
  • Professional regulation and licensure
  • Regulations and licenses governing real estate for their practice
  • Legal procedures, Contracts and other insurance and patient paperwork
  • Strict regulations for acquiring or selling a practice
  • Self-referral and Anti-kickback prohibitions
  • Privacy and Security regulations and requirements
  • Safety and Quality Improvement
  • Transition from volume based to value based payment methodologies

Experienced Attorneys Helping with All  Your Healthcare Law Regulatory and Transactional Needs

For healthcare professionals, compliance with these laws and regulations are paramount. Choosing the right real estate for their practice, having a strong malpractice defense insurance, and having a capable legal team to work on matters which arise in day to day healthcare operations and business transactions are very important, and could impact the continued success of their practice.

At Dell Graham, PA, our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable. Our attorneys can assist healthcare professionals, including doctors, dentists, and healthcare vendors with many aspects of healthcare law. Dell Graham, PA, is ready to handle your practice with the professionalism and care it deserves.