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Ayanna Hypolite

Ayanna Hypolite

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  • Family Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate Law

Blog Posts

How is Dell Graham’s environment supportive of your education law?

One of the things I was really excited about early in my career was joining an actual law firm, not just a collection of attorneys who happened to share office space. Dell Graham really is a collaborative environment, it's a true law firm. I've got the enormous luxury...

Why is it important to keep dollars in Florida classrooms?

Our primary mission is to serve the children first. I think society as a whole benefits from a robust public education system. I'm a big believer in public education and I see it as my personal mission as the attorney to make sure that we're using those funds as...

How does education law tie into the quality of education in Florida?

One of the things that an experienced attorney can do, and one of the things that I say is, “I’m here to help keep dollars in the classroom.” I don’t want us to spend our allocation from the state. I don’t want us to spend our school budget, not only on my services,...

What are Some Ongoing Battles About Education Law in Florida?

I would say that education is probably one of the most highly regulated fields that are out there. People don't necessarily assume that or understand that, but everybody has an interest in public schools. It's drawn a lot of interest on the federal level, on the state...

Why Do You Need an Education Law Expert in Florida?

It's always a problem that you don't know what you don't know. I have more of a full spectrum knowledge of the various issues that schools are dealing with. I may recognize that in responding to this court order we need to keep mindful of FERPA which is the federal...

Originally from Chicago, Ayanna completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Business before moving to Orlando in 2006. Ayanna is an educator at heart. She worked in higher education while attending Barry University’s Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law. In total, she spent ten years in higher education. However, her love of the law compelled her to switch to the legal profession.

Upon graduating from law school, Ayanna practiced family law, estate planning, and probate law. She also represented the State of Florida’s Department of Revenue in child support enforcement cases.

In addition to civil litigation, Ayanna is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Court Mediator, available to assist with alternative dispute resolution throughout North Central Florida.

Ayanna has lived in Florida since 2006. She moved to Gainesville in 2017 and enjoys living locally with her husband and two sons. Ayanna is committed to serving the North Central Florida community. She led the Josiah T. Walls Bar Association as a 2018-2019 Executive Board Member and the 2019-2020 President. She often engages the community at large through volunteer events such as Strike Out Hunger and the Law & Justice Conference. In her spare time, Ayanna enjoys visiting Florida’s beaches and outdoor festivals.