Board Certified Attorneys


Attorneys as Experts on Legal Matters

Board Certified lawyers are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise. Many lawyers claim to be experienced, however only Board Certified attorneys are recognized as true experts in their field of law.

This is why the Florida Supreme Court, in 1982, established a way to distinguish attorneys who go above and beyond the call of duty. Board certification is a way to reward law practitioners who have worked hard to specialize in their field, and who have shown their value as law specialists.

Only 6% Of Florida Lawyers Are Board Certified

When deciding on an attorney, knowledge and experience are key ingredients to finding the right attorney for the case. The Florida Supreme Court established Florida’s board certification program so that consumers can identify qualified legal specialists who are dedicated to professional excellence. With only 6% of Florida attorneys having attained this distinction, knowing that your attorney is Board Certified can assure you that you are working with an expert who strives for excellence.

At Dell Graham PA, our attorneys are committed to excellence. We have a team of Board Certified attorneys, who specialize in different legal areas.

Law Specialists at Dell Graham PA


John: To Dell Graham, the board certification is sort of a hallmark of experience more than anything else.

We have clients who know their businesses well who are successful in their businesses, and we feel like we owe it to them to be able to provide the same level of … They expect and should expect professionalism and confidence from us. The board certification does tell our clients …

Ellen: That means that I have passed an examination in the area and have done a lot of work in that area for a lot of years. For board certification, I believe you’re supposed to do over fifty percent of your work in that area. In reality, I do about probably eighty-five percent at least.
John: There are lots and lots of folks that refer to themselves as trial lawyers who haven’t seen the inside of a courthouse or not been very often.

I think Dell Graham’s really uniquely positioned because we have six board certified attorneys in four different categories of specialization. Florida’s a leader in the country in recognizing board certified attorneys and having different areas of specialization. The fact that we have in a firm this size that level of expertise in that many areas, is really unique. It’s what sets us apart.